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The Picnic Place

Life’s a Picnic

Tucked away in the corner of the park, just past Jette’s Wonder Bikes, you’ll find our largest pavilion, The Picnic Place. This Ultra-Accessible™ covered area is home to dozens of picnic tables where you can sit back and relax, take a breather, or enjoy a bite to eat.

Picnic Place Morgan's Wonderland
Picnic Place Morgan's Wonderland
Picnic Place Morgan's Wonderland

Have a bite and enjoy some shade

Whether you pack a lunch, place a to-go order at Morgan’s Munchies, or need a moment of respite from the San Antonio sun, The Picnic Place is just for you! Nearby swings, outdoor fans, and wheelchair-accessible seating make this a routine stop for many guests. Please note that all seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Super Awesome! When you get tired of the Texas heat, they have huge picnic-covered areas with picnic tables inside the park. They have a wide variety of food and drinks that won't break your pocketbook too.

Attraction Facts

We understand that many of our guests may have special dietary needs or restrictions. To take our dedication to inclusion one step further, we welcome you to pack a lunch and bring your own food and drinks.

*Please note that these items will not be allowed inside Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

Did you know?

Morgan’s Wonderland doubles as an event venue! After hours, we rent our facilities for private events. Picnic Place is a great outdoor venue option for a company picnic, casual awards ceremony, or private business mixer!

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