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Take a spin!

Take a spin on our colorful, 36-foot-in-diameter Ultra-Accessible™ carousel! Feel the wind against your face as you ride up and down and all around on one of our beautifully crafted animals. For our friends who use wheelchairs, your “chariot” awaits! Our specially designed “chariots”  are wheelchair accessible and not only go around in circles but also move up and down, just like our other colorful carousel animals.

MW Carousel family 721
MW Carousel wide 721
MW Carousel family 721
MW Carousel wide 721

Created For All Ages and Abilities

One of our most popular attractions at Morgan’s Wonderland, the carousel, was thoughtfully built and carefully crafted to ensure people of all abilities can enjoy it! Take a close look the next time you visit, and you will notice it doesn’t have brightly colored lights or quick and sudden movements. This carousel is built to be inclusive! Our friends with sensory sensitivities can enjoy the colors without feeling overwhelmed by flashing lights and sounds. This ride is unique because our wheelchair-accessible chariots move up and down just like the other animals.

Our carousel is so awesome, Travel & Leisure voted it one of the top 15 “America’s Best Carousels” in 2012!

This was my son's first carousel ride. It's such a beautiful carousel, the most beautiful part about it being that all children/adults get to experience it...with or without disabilities.

Attraction Facts

This is a mild ride with a circular motion that goes up and down and offers stationary carousel animals.

Did you know?

There is a stationary animal placed just outside of the carousel. While it makes for a great photo op for you and your family, there is another reason it is placed there. Our friends with special needs can sometimes feel intimidated by the carousel and anxious about riding it. The stationary horse allows them to become acquainted with our attraction and ease into the excitement at their own pace! They can touch the horse, sit on it, hug it, feel it and explore what it’s like before ever getting onto the carousel. This strategic placement helped put many guests at ease. Morgan, who the park is named after, visited that horse 8 times before being comfortable enough to ride it! Spoiler alert: The carousel is now Morgan’s favorite ride!

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