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Sensory Village™

Inspire your senses

Let your imagination run wild in Sensory Village™! A community built on make-believe that is all about creative play! Sensory Village™ is an indoor attraction with four themed areas. This attraction inspires curiosity, encourages hands-on learning, and mindfully stimulates the senses.

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Sensory Village
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Sensory Village

Play your own way

Our four activity rooms include the NEW 4D Theater, the Village Market grocery store, the Exploration Station, KWML-TV Newsroom.

4D Cinema

Experience a thrilling roller coaster ride! The cinema provides a platform with unique features necessary for rides in wheelchairs to have the same roller coaster-type experience as typical rides.

The Village Market Grocery Store

A play grocery store immaculately stocked with faux baked goods, a lobster tank, cash registers, and more.

Exploration Station

Houses our Interactive Sand Table, an augmented reality sandbox where guests can change and redesign habitats and topography.

KMWL-TV Newsroom

Take a step in front of our green screen and experience what it’s like to be on television!

Morgan’s Wonderland is truly THE BEST. The Sensory Village made me literally cry with happiness and wonder!

Attraction Facts

Sensory Village™ allows guests to create their own pace of play and self-select which areas they want to explore! We welcome you to channel your inner meteorologist and grace the screens of KMWL-TV for your television debut, enjoy our thrilling roller coaster 4D Cinema, and so much more!

Did you know?

The “MWL” in KMWL-TV stands for Morgan’s Wonderland.

The outside of Sensory Village™ looks like a cluster of storefronts, all fictionally named after people, places, and things near and dear to Morgan Hartman and the park’s history.

Did you know that Gordon’s dad was a weatherman and the inspiration behind creating our KMWL-TV news station!

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