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Making Magic Happen: A Toast to Past Honorees

Excellence in Caregiving guests

Every year the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation celebrates unsung heroes during the annual Excellence in Caregiving Awards. Join us as we spotlight three of our 2018 honorees and toast to their kindness, compassion, and dedication to making a difference every day.

If these stories remind you of someone you know, we want to hear their story.
Make a nomination before time runs out! The deadline to submit is July 31, 2021 at 11:59pm.


Lady R. Morgan
Nominated by Shanik Simmons

“Zaylee was born at 23.5 weeks weighing 1 pound, 1 ounce and spent the first several months of her life in the hospital with doctors who didn’t believe she would survive. Today Zaylee is 7 years old with Autism, 4th stage Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, has a VP shunt and a feeding tube yet continues to overcome obstacles daily with the assistance of her grandmother, Lady Morgan who adopted her and has been caring and advocating for her since the day she was born. Lady had just retired and was looking forward to enjoying her later years when she adopted Zaylee without a second guess. Zaylee continues to defy the odds and prove doctors wrong with the help of Lady Morgan.”



Trixie Stanford
Nominated by Michelle Thiebaut

“Trixie is a spitfire with love and true grit for her family. Her son, Charlie, now 50, was diagnosed with ALS in 2013. Fulltime care responsibilities have fallen on Trixie, who also cared for her husband who passed away and her daughter who passed away from cancer. When Charlie needed a bathroom remodel, Trixie did the demo and tile work to get the work done quickly and within their budget, while Charlie supervised (aka micromanaged). He needs assistance with daily living, including dressing, bathing and eating. A home visit with Trixie and Charlie is entertainment at its finest. Their back and forth bantering reflects the love they have for each other. This may not be how Trixie pictured her retirement years, but her strength and humor has sustained Charlie for the past 5 years.”


Charisse D. Siu
Nominated by Barbara Ling

“Charisse has achieved success in providing care to a severe stroke patient in an abusive situation. Charisse and her grandparents are victims of abuse by her mother. Her grandmother was denied medical care by Charisse’s mother which resulted in being paralyzed and living with two life sustaining tubes. Charisse has to care and protect her grandmother while being emotionally and assaulted verbally and physically. Her grandmother is in stable condition without infection nor bedsore. The achievement of success also includes improving her grandmother’s conditions in swallowing, regaining her range of motion, facilitating her in joining meaningful life, and stimulating her cognitive and sensory response. An abuse victim helping another abuse victim. Charisse’s steadfast love and “never give up” attitude in improving the quality of life of others inspires the lives of those around her.”




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